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Our Genes are not our Destiny

Epigenetics. The study of how we can influence the expression of our genes. 

In the past, we have always thought that our genes were our destiny. Now, we know that we have power and influence over our health.

Just because we carry a specific gene, doesn't mean that is our guaranteed outcome. Understanding our genomics allows for personalized care, in order to work with our genes, optimize our health and prevent negative health outcomes the best way we can. 

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It's in your Genes... or is it?

What you get in your Genomics Panel:

Cardiovascular Health 
Metabolic & Nutrient Profile 
Metabolism & Diet 
Hormones & Hormone Pathway
Mood & Behaviors 
Nutrient Utilization (Vitamin D, B12, Vitamin C)
Brain Health: BDNF & Alzheimer's 

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