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Lose Weight     Beat The Bloat     Kick The Sugar Cravings     Banish Candida
Doctor Created. Doctor Approved.

​It's time for a change.
No Gimmicks
No Crashes
No Starving
No Crazy



"I want to help people  get better. The more patients I treat, the more I realize how many people need to make a change.
Digestion, fatigue, weight loss, brain fog... these can all be treated. You DON'T have to feel this way!
It's time to make a change."
Extra Pounds        Fatigue        Digestive Upset        Candida        Brain Fog        Hormonal Imbalance        Water Retention       
Acne & Skin  Problems        Headaches        Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)         Food Cravings         Inflammation
AutoImmune Conditions        Allergies        and more...  
Tried, Tested & Fabulous!

Your CleanStart Guide Includes:

CleanStart Basics Guide
  • Everythng you need to know about Detoxing Safely
  • A guide to help get you started and answer all of your Detox questions!
  • ​80 page guide

14- and 28- days programs, based on your needs!
  • Food Guide & Shopping Lists
  • Sample Meal Plans & Menus - BONUS

3 Plans to choose from, based on YOUR personal health goals:
                                      CleanStart - Foundation
                                      CleanStart - Digestive
                                      CleanStart - Candida

Prep & Maintenance Guides
  • To help you get started as well as transition off your cleanse and stay on-track  post-CleanStart!

Virtual Consult option with Dr. Andi to guide you through your CleanStart 
  • Your Guide is FREE when you book your Consult with Dr. Andi

Live Well | Love Life

Your health is my priority.

As Seen On:

I'm Dr. Andi. I'm a Naturopathic Doctor, and I created the CleanStart Cleanse with the everyday person in mind  - a safe, healthy Detox that fits into your busy life.

No crazy laxatives, flushes or starvation diets.

Just practical tools to help you cleanse properly, and that you can keep using in your day-to-day life after your CleanStart is completed.

The CleanStart Cleanse is a 14, or 28 Food-based Cleanse, with supplement guidance, depending on your needs.

It's a concise guide, divided into 3 sections, so you get to chose where you fall and which plan will work best for you!

I'll take you through the basics, teach you what a detox IS and ISN'T, and show you the benefits of doing a NORMAL, HEALTY Detox.

Let's do this together...
Because every body deserves a CleanStart.

​Dr. Andi, ND
Why CleanStart?
What is It?

Detox. I said it. Don’t freak out.

I created the CleanStart  Cleanse because there are so many AWFUL Detoxes on the market.  They either having you starving yourself, living on a liquid diet or taking laxatives that have you terrified of being further than a 1 minute radius from the closest toilet. And even then you’re a little nervous about when it will kick in…

So how about the normal people? The people who want to do a DETOX, but a normal, SAFE one, that isn’t just a crazy starvation diet mixed in with some “flush” laxatives. That’s where CleanStart comes in. It’s a Doctor-created, safe, non-extreme detox, that does what it’s supposed to do. Gets rid of toxins and gives your body a bit of a break.
Do I Need It?

In short, yes. Everyone does. In a perfect world, we’d all be eating our 10 servings of fruits and veggies, breathing clean air, and living a stress -free, chemical/pollutant-free life, that doesn’t include fast-food, alcohol or the other things we all love, and tend to over-indulge in.

But how much fun would that be?!

Think of a detox like an oil change for your car. You drive your car however you like, some people are harder on their cars than others,  and every 6 months or so, you get your oil changed, flush out all the gunk, clean up those air filters, and fill her back up with nice, smooth, clean oil, so that she keeps running beautifully.

You need to do the same with your body!  You can still enjoy the things you love (within reason, but we’ll get to that), but once or twice a year, be nice. Be gentle. Be kind to your poor body that has to manage everything you put in it and do to it.

Sometimes, you need a break from all the stress of your day-to-day life. Well, your body needs the same.

Not sure?
Check out the Top 10 Reasons it’s time to Detox
How do I Start?

By purchasing your copy of the CleanStart Cleanse  now! 

All the information you need is right there to get you started!

Still not sure?

10 Signs it's Time to CleanStart

You’ve never done it before (and it’s not time for a tune up!!)
You have crazy allergies
You feel like, well, crap
Migraines, headaches and/or brain fog or poor concentration are just a normal part of your day
You can’t seem to lose weight – no matter what you try – or you feel like you’ve gained weight, but the number on the scale is the same (water weight anyone…?)
Skin issues. Of ANY kind
Constant Fatigue
You can’t control your food cravings.
It’s time to make a change and get your health back on track. Mind, body and soul
Your digestion is awful. Bloating, constipation, gas…

10 Signs it may be Candida

Fungal Infections (Skin, Nails)
Autoimmune Conditions
Feeling Exhausted or Run Down – this is more than just fatigue from a poor night’s sleep
Problems Concentrating
Chronic Vaginal Yeast Infections, Bladder Infections or Vaginal/Anal Itching.​
Anxiety, Irritability and Other Mood Changes
Intense Carb and Sugar Cravings
Digestive Disruptions: Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloating
Skin Conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis.
Bad Breath

Detoxification & Supplementation 

The one confusing issue about detoxification is supplementation. 
However, it's  an essential piece of the Detox process.

While you’re detoxing through diet and lifestyle, often you want to add a few things in to try and fix up those organs that have taken a bit of a beating – especially your liver.  EVERYTHING happens in your liver, so while you’re giving it a break, it’s always a nice idea to give it a bit of a boost, along with your digestive tract and a few other organs of elimination.

The concern with supplementation & detoxification, is that it can be REALLY confusing. 

For OPTIMAL CleanStart Cleanse results, book a Custom CleanStart consult Dr. Andi's for a 
CUSTOM SUPPLEMENT PROTOCOL to add to your  Clean Start. 

Your CleanStart Guide is FREE when you book a Custom Consult !

Get your CleanStart Guide ​Today!

And let the fun begin.

Don't Worry - You've Got This. 

And don't forget...I'm here to help if you need me!

We'll get you going. Together.

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