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​I believe that health is about enjoying all the things you love in life, and learning to stay healthy and live well while doing it.
I believe that education is the key to empowering and inspiring people to take control of their own health. I treat each and every person as an individual, and focus on the cause, not just the symptom, of your health concerns.
I am committed to helping you be your healthiest self, using evidence-based, integrated care, in a practical, yet effective way, that works for you, and fits into your busy lifestyle.
I'm here to help.
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Keto Fueled:
For Health & Fat Loss

Let's work together. 
  • Ketosis:  The state where your body burns fat as fuel. 
  • I will guide you to your weight-loss goals using the Ketogenic, Paleo or low-carb program - whichever is best for YOU and your personal goals. 

Helping you reach your fat loss goals
in a way that works for YOU and your busy life

The CleanStart Cleanse.

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HEALTHY Detoxification.
A practical book created to help address all your detox needs
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3 Guides to help you better.  
You pick what you need:
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Specialty Services
My approach to health  is simple.
It’s about meeting you where you’re at in life. Finding options that work for you, helping you live well as you move through different stages of life.
I strive to create a space that is honest, welcoming, open, down-to-earth, and judgment-free (it’s not unusual for my patients to have my cell number!).
Let's own who we are and work with what we've got.
In my treatment, I use my naturopathic medical ​training, and Incorporate a few other​ key ​options, such as BHRT. 
My Approach

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

BioIdentical Hormones Replacement Therapy.
A solution to manage your hormonal imbalances in a safe, effective, natural way.
- Libido
- Menopause & Andropause 
- Endometriosis
- and more...
you DON'T need to struggle.
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