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 Please Note: Naturopathic Medical visits are not covered by OHIP, similar to Dental, Chiropractic and Optometry services. However, many individuals will have coverage through extended health care through their employer.
Please check with your employer to determine if you have coverage for Naturopathic Care.  
Laboratory Services are not generally included in extended health coverage. 
Naturopathic Doctors are licensed practitioners, therefore a receipt can be provided following your visit. 
  1. Naturopathic Visit
    First Appointment:
    Initial Health Evaluation - 50min
  2. Naturopathic Visit
    Second Appointment:
    Treatment Plan & Follow-Up : 45-50min
  3. Naturopathic Visit
    Subsequent Appointments
    30 - 40 min
  4. Naturopathic Visit
    Appointment Bundle
    Includes 3 visits: 1st Appointment, 2nd Appointment & 1 Subsequent Visit
    $ 560 (Save: $65)
  5. Naturopathic Visit
    Missed Appointments
    $65 (with 24hr notice) *Full Visit fee if No notice given
  6. Naturopathic Visit
    Phone Consultations
    20min (for lab/test follow-ups only)
    $ 65 (full visit fee is charged for virtual consutls)
  7. Naturopathic Visit
    Home Consultations
    45 min
  8. TCM
    Acupuncture ONLY
    40min (these visits do NOT include follow-up consultations)
  9. INJ
    Vitamin B12 Injection
    10min (these visits do NOT include follow-up consultations)
    $ 35
  10. INJ
    Vitamin B12 + Folic Acid Injection
    10min (these visits do NOT include follow-up consultations)
    $ 45
  11. BHRT
    BHRT Initial Visit
    60min - Complete Intake & Blood Work/lab test
  12. BHRT
    BHRT Second Appointment
    40min - Treatment Plan, MD Consult & Prescription
  13. BHRT
    BHRT Follow-Up Visits
  14. BHRT
    BHRT Annual Plan
    Includes: 4 annual visits, blood work/lab fees, MD consult & direct ND contact
  15. Naturopathic Visit
    Annual Plan
    Unlimited Naturopathic visits – Treatment of your Choice. Unlimited Email & direct phone contact with your ND throughout the year * minimum 4 weeks between in-clinic visits
    $1699 * Payments can be made in 5-monthly installments * (BHRT excluded)

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